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Q: What’s the difference between the different models? Original model (no suffix), 2.0, and PRO?

2.0 and PRO are wireless and connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0. The 2.0 is our base model with plastic exterior. The PRO is our high-end model with a stainless steel finish, LCD display, and additional accessories. The original model is wired and connects to your phone or tablet via a headset jack. This is a discontinued model and is no longer supported by Perfect Company. For a detailed comparison, please click the links below:

Perfect Drink PRO vs. Perfect Drink 2.0

Perfect Bake PRO vs. Perfect Bake 2.0

Perfect Blend PRO vs. Perfect Blend 2.0

Q: What kind of tablet or phone do I need?

For our wireless scales (PRO or 2.0 versions)

  • Apple devices running iOS 11.0 or higher with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Android devices running Lollipop 5.0 or higher with Bluetooth 4.0

For our wired scales (Original Perfect Drink, Perfect Bake or Perfect Bake SE)
THIS MODEL IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED. (We stopped selling them in 2016)

  • Apple devices running iOS 11.0 or higher with a headset jack. Note that the iPhones 7, 8, and X do not have a headset jack and do not work with a wired scale without an Apple lightning to headphone adapter. The iPhone 7 works with our wireless PRO or 2.0 versions.
  • Android devices running Jellybean 4.2 or higher with a headset jack

NOTE: Perfect Smart Scales (all versions) do NOT work with Windows tablet or phone.

Q: How does the smart scale connect to my tablet or phone?

  • Our wireless scales (PRO or 2.0 versions) connect via Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Our original wired scales connect via the headset jack.
    THIS MODEL IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED. (We stopped selling them in 2016)

Q: I just purchased a Perfect Blend scale. What app do I download?

Perfect Blend App has been renamed Vitamix Perfect Blend App, as we have added features to seamlessly integrate with all Vitamix Venturist and Ascent Series blenders. Rest assured, though, this new release still works with any blender.

Q: Can you use one Perfect Smart Scale with all 3 Perfect recipe apps?

Yes, if you have a wireless scale (PRO or 2.0 models). You can purchase any wireless scale and run all 3 apps – Perfect Drink, Perfect Bake, and our newest addition, Perfect Blend. You just have to create a user account when you download your first app. Make cocktails, baked goods and blended recipes all with one scale!

Q: Can I use your scale as a stand-alone kitchen scale?

A PRO scale has an LCD display and can be used as a stand-alone kitchen scale. In fact, with its 6kg range and 0.1g accuracy, it is the highest performing consumer scale on the market. A 2.0 scale must be connected to a phone or a tablet to work.

Q: Can I use any glass or container on the Perfect Drink scale?

Yes. You can use the included cocktail shaker or your own glass, pitcher or other container.

Q: Can I use my own bowls with the Perfect Bake scale?

Yes. The Perfect Bake app shows you which of the included three color-coded bowls to use for each step, but this is just to make the process super simple. You can use any bowls.

Q: What kind of blender do I need to use with the Perfect Blend scale?

You can use Perfect Blend with ANY blender.

Q: Can I add my own recipes?

Yes. All 3 apps include a recipe editor. You can even add your own photos, ingredients, and categories.

Q: Where can I purchase your products?

They are available from Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, and Best Buy stores.

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Getting Started

Q: Where do I download the app(s)?

Depends on the device you have:

Q: Do you have a getting started video?

Yes. You can view them here:

Q: Do you have “Help” in the app?

Yes. On tablets click on “Help” button on the Nav Bar on the bottom of the screen. On phones click on “More” on the bottom then “Help”.

Q: How do I add my own recipes?

In order to add your own recipe you will need to click on the “New Recipe” button on the Nav Bar on the bottom of the screen. On phones you will need to press the “More” button on the Nav Bar in order to access the “New Recipe” button.

Once you have navigated to “New Recipe” you will be able to select a template that best suits your recipe, then start adding ingredients to your new recipe. If you need any more help the Help menu in the app has a whole section dedicated to editing and creating new recipes.

Q: How do I add a new ingredient?

In order for a new ingredient to have a density/gravity so it can be weighed correctly, you need to pick an existing ingredient to base it on.

In the cabinet/pantry, select an ingredient that's close to the one you want to add and the "NEW" button will be enabled. Some categories are ALSO ingredients so this can be confusing.

Once you've selected your base ingredient, touch the "NEW" button and you'll be able to enter information about your new ingredient. At this point the density/gravity will be copied from the ingredient you selected so you can change the "Type of" to something that might make more sense (like the category).

EXAMPLE: Say I want to add strawberry-banana liqueur to Perfect Drink. I select strawberry liqueur in the cabinet since it already exists, and I touch the NEW button. Then I add my ingredient name, maybe a photo, pick a color for the block to fill with as I pour, and add a description. But I want this to appear under "Liqueur" not under "Strawberry Liqueur". So I touch the "Strawberry Liqueur" button next to "Type of" and change it to "Liqueur". Then I touch SAVE and my new ingredient is now in the cabinet for me to use in a recipe.

Refer to the "Adding Ingredients" topic in the app's Help section for more details.

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My Bluetooth is not connecting to the Blender/Scale

If your bluetooth is not connecting to the scale or blender there are three steps to help fix the issue:

  1. Turn the bluetooth on the device off and then on again
  2. Restart your device
  3. Clear your bluetooth cache. This step is different for each device and will take a Google search.

Q: I can’t connect to the scale (for wireless scales)

In order to connect to a wireless scale you will need to make sure that your mobile device has Bluetooth turned on. Both iOS and Android devices have a Settings app that will have a Bluetooth section where you can enable or disable Bluetooth. As long as you have Bluetooth enabled here you can connect to it in the app. You DO NOT use the Bluetooth section of your device's Settings app to actually connect to the scale–you do that in the Perfect app.

After you have made sure that Bluetooth is turned on you can start the app. Once the app is started you can now turn your scale on. The scale and the app should automatically connect.

Q: I can’t connect to the scale (for wired scales)

There are a couple of things that can cause the app to not connect to the scale:

  1. In iOS Settings/Privacy, does Perfect Drink have permission to use the microphone? The app needs this permission to communicate with the scale.
  2. Is the plug fully seated in the headset jack? Sometimes debris can get in there, or an aftermarket case can keep the plug from fully seating.
  3. If all else fails, try doing a full power off reset of your iOS device. Hold down the power button until you get a power off slider, power off, wait a few minutes, then power back on and see if the scale can connect.

Q: How do I return or exchange a defective scale?

If it’s within the return window for the retailer you purchased the product from, please return it to them. If it’s past the return window but within the 1-year warranty period, please contact us.

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