Perfect Bake Smart Scale + Recipe App


Choose a recipe

Muffins, cookies, classics and favorites. 400+ taste-tested recipes to choose from.


Dial in how many cookies

Perfect Bake automatically scales the recipe. No math required.



Just pour!

No measuring cups or spoons needed. Simply pour until you hear “ding”


Mix & Bake

Built-in timers tell you how long to mix, bake, and cool.




Homemade goodness—without the hassle or the mess.

Hard to mess up. Easy to clean up.

Perfect Bake Smart Scale + Recipe App

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"We didn't use a measuring cup or measuring spoon. That's the power of Perfect Bake!"

–Rushion McDonald on Steve Harvey

Perfect Bake

Smart Scale + Recipe App

100s of Mouth-Watering Recipes

Developed and taste-tested in our kitchen, for yours.

Recipe Scaling

Recipe calls for a square pan and all you have is a 6” round? Perfect Bake auto scales the recipe.

Portioning for Perfection

Put your cupcake pan on the scale and pour your batter. Perfect Bake tells you when to stop.

What’s In Your Pantry?

Record ingredients on hand to see what you can make right now

Shopping List

Choose your recipe. Perfect Bake builds a shopping list.


Precise measurement of each ingredient is critical for baking success. The result is delicious! Every. Single. Time.


Wireless Bluetooth

3 Color-Coded Bowls

Oven Thermometer

Stainless Steel Scale

LCD Display

Precision/Max Weight

Perfect Bake PRO

0.1 grams/6 kg



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Perfect Bake 2.0




0.5 grams/5 kg


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