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Recreate your favorite cocktails at home.


Tell Perfect Drink what you have

What do you have in your liquor cabinet? Enter these items into the app to discover new drink recipes.


Choose a recipe

Martinis, vintage, seasonal, or tropical? Explore 400+ recipes.



Just pour!

No measuring. Simply pour an ingredient until you hear “ding”


Shake or stir

Perfect Drink’s built-in timer tells you how long to shake or stir your drink for perfect dilution and chill.


Enjoy perfectly-crafted cocktails made by you.

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"I am getting me one of these!"

–Steve Harvey

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Wireless Bluetooth

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

Device Stand

Stainless Steel Scale

LCD Display

Built-in Kitchen Timer


Max Weight

Perfect Drink PRO

750 ml

0.1 grams

6 kg

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Perfect Drink 2.0

550 ml




0.5 grams

5 kg

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Perfect Drink

Smart Scale + Interactive Recipe App

400+ Recipes

Developed and tested by mixology pros. (Or add your own concotions.)

Serving Sizes

Choose from a half serving to a pitcher. Perfect Drink auto scales the recipe.

Overpour? Don’t worry!

Perfect Drink recalculates to ensure your cocktail is perfectly proportioned and tastes great.

What’s In Your Cabinet?

Forgot to stock the bar? Record ingredients on hand to discover what drinks you can make right now.

Shopping List

Choose the drinks you want to make. Perfect Drink builds a shopping list.


Proper proportions make or break a drink. With Perfect Drink, the result is delicious! Every. Single. Time.

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