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  • Vitamix Perfect Blend App still works with our Perfect Blend Scale and ANY blender.
  • Bonus features if you use it with Vitamix Venturist or Ascent series blenders!



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Perfect Blend PRO

Perfect Blend 2.0

Wireless Bluetooth

20-oz To-Go Cups



Stainless Steel Scale


LCD Display


Precision/Max Weight

0.1 grams/6 kg

0.5 grams/5 kg

How to use the

Perfect Blend Smart Scale with Vitamix Perfect Blend App

to create blended perfection


Choose a recipe

Smoothies, soups, dips, sauces and more. Choose from 500+ taste-tested recipes (or add your own). Customize your options to fit your dietary needs, too.


Just pour!

No need to pre-measure. Simply add ingredients directly to the blender jar until you hear "ding!"


Blend better

Built-in timers tell you how long to mix, blend, and at what speed.


Track nutrition

Perfect Blend can calculate nutrition for each ingredient as you pour, for an entire recipe, or just a portion. With a touch, send nutrition data to your favorite fitness apps via Apple Health or Google Fit.


Enjoy. Then share!

Stay on top of your nutrition goals. Share your favorites–friends with the Perfect Blend app can download shared recipes to make whenever they want. Post photos of your creations and get ready to hear, "I can't believe you made this!"

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