Perfect Blend™ Smart Scale + Recipe App


Choose a recipe

Smoothies, soups, dips, sauces and more. 500+ taste-tested recipes to choose from (or add your own).


Just pour!

No measuring! Add ingredients directly into the blender jar to see a real-time calorie count.




Built-in timers tell you how long to mix, blend, and at what speed.


Track nutrition

Perfect Blend can calculate nutrition for an entire recipe or just a portion.




And know it's right for you.

Blend better. Know what you eat.

Perfect Blend Smart Scale + Recipe App

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Perfect Blend

Enjoy blended goodness and achieve your nutritional goals.

Blend better

No need to pre-measure. Just add ingredients directly to the blender jar until you hear "ding!" The results are perfectly delicious. Every time.

Know your nutrient intake

Perfect Blend displays in real-time the calories for each ingredient as you add it. It also calculates the nutritional content total of all that's been added to the blender jar.

Track with ease

Set a glass on the scale and pour–Perfect Blend shows you how many calories are in that serving. With a touch, send nutrition data to your favorite fitness apps via Apple Health or Google Fit.

Customize to fit your lifestyle

Dairy-free? Vegan? Select dietary presets or customize your own to see only the recipes you want. Search recipes by what's in your pantry and generate a shopping list of the items you're missing.

Expand your culinary horizon

Perfect Blend guides you step-by-step through new recipes and techniques, from simple smoothies to advanced dips and sauces. Explore our growing collection for culinary surprises from around the world.

Share the blended goodness

Share your favorites! Friends with the Perfect Blend app can download shared recipes to make whenever they want. Share photos of your creations and get ready to hear, "I can't believe you made this!"


Wireless Bluetooth

20-oz To-Go Cups

Stainless Steel Scale

LCD Display

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