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Nilla Wafer Pecan Coconut Cake

"The Vanilla Wafer Pecan Coconut Bundt Cake is my favorite. It contains ingredients that I love to bake with: pecans, coconuts, and vanilla wafers. In 2014, I won an Atlanta Bake Off using this recipe and interestingly enough, I didn’t use flour—I used a box of vanilla wafers that I had finely crushed.

"I discovered that when you bake the cake at 300 degrees for 90 minutes, it will turn out perfect and not dry. Start checking for doneness after baking the cake for 75 minutes. It must cool for twenty minutes before you can remove it from the Bundt pan."
—Rushion McDonald

In addition to being an Emmy award winning television producer, motivational speaker, businessman, and philanthropist, Rushion McDonald is an avid and accomplished baker.


US | Metric
Metric | US
Servings : 1 cake
  • Nilla Wafer - 10⅞ oz
  • Land O'Lakes Unsalted Butter - 8 oz
  • Egg - 10¾ oz
  • Horizon Organic Milk - 4 oz
  • Domino Granulated Sugar - 15⅞ oz
  • Diamond Chopped Pecans - 4⅝ oz
  • Baker's Coconut (sweetened) - 3 oz