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Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

The difference between a store-bought marshmallow and a homemade marshmallow is night and day. First, you can choose quality ingredients like organic sugar and grass-fed gelatin. Second, you can leave out unnecessary food dyes and preservatives. Third...they just taste so good! You can flavor these marshmallows with the suggested vanilla bean paste or use any extract you have on hand like vanilla, orange, or even peppermint for a great boost to a winter cup of hot cocoa. If you are going to roast these marshmallows over an open fire keep in mind that they will melt faster than conventional marshmallows, so have your graham crackers ready!


US | Metric
Metric | US
  • Vanilla Extract - 1/2 oz
  • Vanilla Paste - 1/2 oz
  • Water - 6⅜ oz
  • Corn Syrup - 14⅝ oz
  • Granulated Sugar - 1⅜ lb
  • Water - 6⅜ oz
  • Gelatin - 1⅜ oz
  • Powdered Sugar - 4⅜ oz


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