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Warm Chocolate Souffle

"Not long ago I tried the chocolate soufflé at a famous New York restaurant. It was utterly tasteless, and I am being charitable when I say that the chef must have forgotten to put the chocolate in. If you have ever been disappointed as I was, it was probably because it is common for chocolate soufflés to be made with cocoa powder, not chocolate. And if that has been your experience, you have not yet had a real chocolate soufflé. Because it is made with a ganache, don't expect this one to rise as much as a fruit soufflé. Serve with pistachio or vanilla ice cream."

From Simply Sensational Desserts by Francois Payard.


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Metric | US
Servings : 8 Souffles
  • Bittersweet Chocolate - 6 oz
  • Unsalted Butter - 5 oz
  • Granulated Sugar - 2¼ oz
  • All Purpose Flour - 1/8 oz
  • Egg yolk - 2¼ oz
  • Granulated Sugar - 7/8 oz
  • Egg white - 4¼ oz
  • Cream of Tartar - 1/8 oz