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Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

This recipe combines some of the elements of basil pesto with rehydrated sun-dried tomatoes to create a beautiful and spreadable dip or sauce. Instead of the traditional pine nuts, we've used toasted walnuts to complement the earthy tomato flavor. You may also customize this recipe by adding your favorite fresh herbs to create your own variation.


US | Metric
Metric | US
  • Sun-Dried Tomato - 3 oz
  • Water - 7 oz
  • Garlic - 1/4 oz
  • Walnut - 1¾ oz
  • Black Pepper - 0.04 oz
  • Kosher Salt - 1/8 oz
  • Caper - 1/4 oz
  • Parmesan Cheese - 1¾ oz
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5¼ oz


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