Perfect Bake® recipe

Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are known to be a derivative of a Medieval Scottish yeasty biscuit dating back to the 12th century. It is said that Mary, Queen of Scots is responsible for the refined version, a wedge shaped shortbread known as "petticoat tails" that contained butter instead of yeast. There are of course many variations of shortbread cookie dough, but the intended result remains the same: a tender and crisp cookie that is a delicious accompaniment to tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, as well as wine and champagne.
After applying the egg wash try sprinkling these ingredients on the cookies:
- sea salt and black pepper
- sugar and cinnamon
- sugar and crushed fennel seeds
- sugar and crushed caraway seeds
- poppy seeds


US | Metric
Metric | US
Servings : 72 cookies
  • All Purpose Flour - 15 oz
  • Unsalted Butter - 12 oz
  • Powdered Sugar - 3⅜ oz
  • Vanilla Extract - 0.06 oz
  • Salt - 1/8 oz
  • Egg - 1¾ oz
  • Olive Oil - 1/2 oz