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Pistachio Sugar Cookies

The pistachio is one of the oldest cultivated nuts, and it has been making a big comeback in recent years. The pistachio is a member of the cashew family, and is native to the eastern Mediterranean and central Asia. Usually roasted and salted, it is easily recognized by its easy to peel shell and wonderful green color. Pistachios give this simple sugar cookie a real kick by providing a crunchy texture and a wonderful salty sweet flavor.


US | Metric
Metric | US
  • Pistachio - 2⅝ oz
  • All Purpose Flour - 10⅜ oz
  • Baking Soda - 1/8 oz
  • Salt - 1/8 oz
  • Egg - 1¾ oz
  • Vanilla Extract - 1/4 oz
  • Milk - 1/2 oz
  • Unsalted Butter - 6 oz
  • Granulated Sugar - 10¼ oz


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