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Oatmeal Cookie Dough Bites

All the flavor and goodness of oatmeal cookies and no patience necessary. These delicious bites come together in just minutes and are ready to enjoy right out of the bowl. Made with oats, almond butter, currants, and sweetened with honey you get all the flavor of an oatmeal raisin cookie without the wait (and zero guilt).


US | Metric
Metric | US
  • Instant Oats - 3⅜ oz
  • Currant - 3½ oz
  • Almond Meal - 2⅛ oz
  • Ground Cinnamon - 1/8 oz
  • Salt - 1/8 oz
  • Almond Butter - 6⅛ oz
  • Vanilla Extract - 1/4 oz
  • Honey - 4 oz


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