Perfect Bake® recipe

Butter Pecan Cookies

A simple buttery classic. Light and flaky, much like a shortbread or traditional butter cookie but with a wonderful pecan flavor. They're excellent on their own or with a chocolate drizzle, possibly crumbled over ice cream as a topping, or paired with a mixed berry salad for a light dessert. These are a slice-and-bake cookie which means the dough is formed into a log and refrigerated, then each cookie is sliced off the log for baking. The dough can be made well in advance (even frozen) until needed; just let it thaw a bit before slicing. You only have to bake as many as you want at a time—refrigerate or freeze the rest until later.


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Servings : 36 cookies
  • Pecan - 2⅛ oz
  • All Purpose Flour - 5¼ oz
  • Salt - 0.05 oz
  • Unsalted Butter - 4 oz
  • Brown Sugar - 2 oz
  • Vanilla Extract - 1/8 oz