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Jalapeño Poppers

These crowd pleasers won't last long at your next party. Stuffed with a blend of cheese and rolled in extra crunchy panko bread crumbs, these Jalapeño Poppers are less spicy than you'd think because the insides are scraped out to make room for all that cheese. Since these freeze so nicely make an extra big batch so you're sure to have enough. NOTE: Use caution when removing the pith and seeds from the Jalapeño peppers. Wear gloves and protective eyewear if possible.


US | Metric
Metric | US
  • Cream Cheese - 7¾ oz
  • Cheddar Cheese - 3½ oz
  • Jalapeno - 8
  • All Purpose Flour - 5 oz
  • Salt - 1/8 oz
  • Black Pepper - 0.04 oz
  • Paprika - 0.04 oz
  • Chili Powder - 0.04 oz
  • Garlic Powder - 0.04 oz
  • Milk - 6¾ oz
  • Bread Crumbs - 3½ oz
  • Vegetable Oil - 1⅞ lb


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