Full-Stack Web Developer

We're looking for a self-motivated full-stack web developer. This is an opportunity to get involved early in a project, to work closely with our Design, Engineering, and Business Insights teams, and to contribute significantly to the development of disruptive restaurant technologies.

What you'll do:

You’ll work with designers and other engineers to control interactions with commercial kitchen devices, and to display and interact with our data in new and interesting ways. You’ll set the standards that we follow for our front-end web work.

Our current stack:
  • Express/Node.js-based REST API, backed by a PostgreSQL database
  • Vue.js single-page app for client-facing UI
  • Apache Cordova for device deployment
  • WebSocket and MQTT for communications
  • Strong understanding of web technologies
  • Server side: databases, web servers, APIs, server-side rendering
  • Client side: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, single-page applications, responsive user interfaces
  • Mastery of current JavaScript UI frameworks (Vue, React, Node, Angular…) and knowledge of the strengths and weakness of each
  • Portfolio of relevant past work
Desired experience:
  • Completion of multiple-engineer projects
  • Role in design of system architectures
  • Automated tests
  • Server-side web app frameworks
  • Comfort with modern software-development best practices: source control, project management, testing, virtualization, CI/CD
  • TypeScript
  • C#, Java, or Kotlin

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